Grape Jelly


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recorded over 2015


released December 31, 2015

thanks olivia crabtree for making the album cover



all rights reserved


FLNG Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born for adventure.

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Track Name: Alone
you wont leave me alone
i hear your voice all the time
you won't leave me alone
i see your face in my head

you won't leave her alone
you won't give her her time
you won't leave her alone
you won't give her her space
Track Name: Blue Mask
wear your mask
take it off
it's gonna go through your head
before it'll burst your skull
and it won't stop
and it won't end
the cycle starts again
Track Name: I Don't Know
i dont know how to say hello after so long
i repeat what i say to everyone
"how are you? hows your life? did you find the one?"
they look back at me and wonder
who are you?

i dont know how i lost track of time
it's these voices in my mind
telling me how you weren't there
tell me why you like to like
cause i like you
Track Name: Darkness
dont look down on me
i don't think i could be
a nuisance to you
don't take me for a fool

cause i won't go outside
cause i know it's dark inside
Track Name: Don't Buy Gas at Giant
you'll lose all the time
you'll lose all your shine
you'll lose all the time
you lost but i don't mind
Track Name: Regret
they say the roses trim again
lost and forgotten
snake's venom in my veins
go and hide in shame

broken swords that meet their end
remember the time of red
nothing but sin in my blood
how could i miss that

the world surrounding me
i regret what i said
Track Name: Kingdom Key
they'll listen to what you have to say off your mind
they'll follow you until the end of time
don't listen to what she has to say to bring you down
they've come to find their king but they're stuck with you

they've come to slay their queen but they don't know how
don't listen to what they have to say
you have no heart, you're just a nobody
i've gone to find myself but i don't know why